What is the Keto diet and how does it work?

The ketogenic diet or keto consists of eating the maximum amount of protein and healthy fat-rich foods such as fish, meat, avocado, eggs, cheese, and fruits while restricting carbohydrates such as cereals, flour, legumes, vegetables, and fruits. This produces a loss of weight in faster way than when resorting to a habitual diet.

And, when you do not have enough carbohydrate reserves, the body uses fat stores to generate a source of energy, which produces ketone bodies that replace sugars and glucose as the fuel source for the metabolic process.

With this diet, the body undergoes a great change in a short time, since foods that are sources of vitamins and minerals are eliminated. So if you are looking for an effective. And easy diet to lose weight, the Keto diet may be an option for you. Check out the following products with which you can get better and faster results. 

Bulk creatine supplement

keto diet for weight loss

Powdered formula with creatine, which can be found in the heart, in muscle tissues, and in the brain. It is ideal for increasing energy and endurance while training exercises.

This nutritional supplement can be used together with a ketogenic diet, which is low in protein and this causes creatinine levels to travel through the body. Although these components can also be obtained through animal food sources, this supplement will help you to have it at optimal levels.

Beta-Alanine Supplement

Beta-Alanine keto diet  Supplement

The amino acid beta-alanine supplement helps produce carnosine, which is a peptide molecule that helps increase pH, decrease fatigue, and increase muscle mass and endurance at physical activity. It is ideal for both women and men.

When carrying out a ketogenic diet, glycogen stores are rapidly depleted. That is why it is necessary to accelerate the production of carnosine, which dampens the burning sensation and fatigue that occurs when performing a high-performance exercise routine.

Supplement with  Code Age Ketones


Capsules of exogenous ketones combined with adaptogenic herbs and MCTs, which provide antioxidants to aid in fat burning, and increase energy levels, endurance, and mental performance.

The goal of this diet is to provide a greater source of healthy fats and a minimum of carbohydrates. Because of this, it is important to maintain the levels of ketosis in the body, which is responsible for generating energy, especially what is needed before a workout.

Supplement with Synergetic electrolytes

 Supplement with Sunergetic electrolytes keto diet

Electrolyte capsules (minerals with an electric charge) are essential to achieve adequate hydration and balance the body’s pH. They also provide a combination of magnesium, sodium, calcium, and potassium. It is advisable to take them daily in the first weeks of the Keto diet accompanied by plenty of water.

Reducing carbohydrates also reduces system fluids and sodium, which can cause dehydration, headaches, and fatigue. Therefore, it is recommended to take supplements with electrolytes that balance and help minimize the chances that the body goes through.

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