Slimming Patches: The Best And Most Effective To Lose Weight

In the constant struggle to lose weight, and lose weight and improve our physique, we look for various ways to achieve our goals.

We currently have a wide variety of products, including slimming patches, but are they effective?

These items have appeared on the market offering localized results without any effort, all thanks to their components and the effects they produce in our bodies.

However, the doubt about whether they work has always been present and around a product that already makes you think.

What are they and what effects do slimming patches have?

Slimming patches are products designed to accelerate the weight loss process that begins with a change in diet (to a hypocaloric diet) accompanied by regular physical exercise.

That is to say, they are not miraculous products to lose weight, but rather they are designed to make the results of your effort appear sooner and reinforce the effects of your effort.

On some occasions, they also help to keep up with the diet thanks to their satiating effects that reduce appetite.

Some of the effects that slimming patches can have are:

  • Reduce subcutaneous fat accumulations.
  • Accelerate fat burning and metabolism.
  • Return to the skin’s firmness and elasticity.
  • Reduce fluid accumulation.
  • Improve the appearance of cellulite.

Not all of them include all these effects, so you should look carefully for the one that best suits what you need.

What are the best patches to lose weight?

1. Sliminazer

It is a powerful activator of the different processes that allow the burning of accumulated fat and stylizing of the silhouette. Some transdermal patches are created especially for the body.

Sliminazer (Slimmestar) is a 100% natural and risk-free method with which you can:

  • speed up metabolism,
  • Improve the appearance of cellulite
  • And destroy adipose tissue (even the most rebellious).

Currently, there is no other 100% natural method that allows burning adipose tissue in such a short time. The secret of its great effectiveness lies in the concentration of active substances that are released in the body.

Thanks to the intelligent layers of the patch, natural plant extracts are gradually dosed and reach the bloodstream in a matter of 15 minutes, thus intensifying their slimming properties.

2. Valy

This brand stands out in the market for the wide variety of solutions offered by its fat-burning patches.

In addition, ION Patch has the most effective natural components when it comes to burning fat and firming the skin.

All its products are subjected to complete quality and efficacy tests to guarantee their effectiveness and reach deeper into the skin than other alternatives.

These patches act on the skin, softening and correcting cellulite.

You can use it on any part of the body since it has natural active ingredients. These act on adipose tissue as drainers, achieving clear and evident effects.

3. Comodyne

jokers Comodyne brand of weight loss patches acts on fluid retention and helps metabolize lipids.

This allows you to reduce the volume of the area where they act. Thanks to its adhesive capacity and its components, it acts through the skin, acting on the volume of the affected area.

At the same time, this decrease allows you to restore the skin to its natural firmness.

To use it, you simply have to place it on clean skin, without any type of cream.

It acts in a general way in the areas that need to burn fat, so it is not necessary that you place it at a particular point. Ideally, you should use it every day at the same time and alternate placement areas.

What ingredients do slimming patches usually have?

Some of the ingredients that slimming patches usually have are:

  • Caffeine: Accelerates the metabolism of burning fat.
  • Carnitine: It deals with transporting fatty acids to the mitochondria, accelerating the process of energy expenditure from fat.
  • Green tea: Increases body temperature, accelerates metabolism and facilitates the elimination of adipose tissue.

These are the most common and the ones that tend to be common in all the slimming patches that work.

However, we can also find other natural ingredients such as extracts of dandelion, nopal, ginkgo Biloba, arginine, plankton, fucus, cloves, cinnamon, ginger or sundew.

Do reducing patches really work?

Although it may surprise many, the answer is yes, they work. But we must bear in mind that they do not do it in the miraculous and effective way that they claim.

Because losing weight and losing weight must be accompanied by diet and daily exercise, the patches won’t give results on their own. In order for us to see the effects of the reducing patches, we must accompany their use with good eating habits. In the same way, you have to set realistic times to notice its effects and not expect results overnight.

Are weight loss patches effective?

Scientists currently doubt the effectiveness of slimming patches.


These studies are more focused on clarifying its miraculous effects rather than its effectiveness.

It is true that by themselves they will not reduce body fat, but their use can be useful since they can slightly speed up the weight loss process as long as it is accompanied by a good lifestyle.

How to use slimming patches?

Slimming patches should be used by placing them on the areas of the skin where you want them to act against fat, although many of them will also help reduce appetite, thus making weight loss easier.

It is essential, in any case, that you carefully read the indications of each product.

Frequent questions

When you first hear that weight loss patches exist, you may have a lot of questions.

It is normal, since they are not usually talked about much, but are they really effective?

These products can be misleading as they advertise that the user will get the desired results without having to make any effort.

Can you lose weight in the abdomen with the patches?

No, it is not possible to burn localized fat with a patch.

However, due to the active ingredients that they release and when they come into contact with the skin, it can accelerate the mobilization of adipose tissue and thus facilitate the burning of lipids that are in the area.

Recent studies have shown that the acceleration of metabolism is essential for weight loss to be effective [ 1 ].

Final opinions

At this point in the guide, we have shared everything you need to know about weight loss patches.

There are people who choose to combine them with reducing creams, for topical use, or burn natural fats, for internal use.

Now you only have to make a decision.

Before generating your own opinion about this type of product, we recommend that you consult your doctor and nutritionist to find out if you can use it.

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