Top 5 Best Smart Scales of 2023

In the field of smart scales, there are models capable of impressing, but there are also others that leave much to be desired … scales capable of weighing, measuring body composition and sending everything to your smartphone in an impeccable way, and others that can make you curse the day that you bought them

The last thing you need is to hinder your body composition improvement by choosing a scale that is out of sync or seems to be making up the results at every measurement.

Your new physique can wait a few more minutes!

Take a look at this comparison before you buy, because it’s worth choosing a model that helps you lose weight… and not your nerves.

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Before deciding, let’s clarify some concepts.

Just 4 quick concepts…I promise, and then we move on to what the best scales are.

smart scale Smart scale => Bioimpedance scale + smartphone connection

It’s clear, right? Well, they are scales that, in addition to weighing you, measure your body composition and send it to your smartphone to see your evolution and many more interesting functions.

Smart scale with Bluetooth and wifi

What is the difference between a smart scale with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi?

Smart scales with Bluetooth need to have the smartphone nearby and with the application open to synchronize the data. Wi-Fi scales sync data at any time. There are scales that use both methods to improve timing.

Smart bioimpedance scales How does a smart scale work?

They pass a small, harmless current through the body (if you have a pacemaker or are pregnant, you should check with your doctor first). As the intramuscular water is relatively constant, the percentage of fat can be calculated, since the current takes longer to pass through the adipose tissue.

Reliable smart scales Are body composition results reliable?

It varies depending on the model, but there will always be a deviation due to fluid retention. However, they are an excellent tool to see the evolution in the percentage of body fat.

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Top 5 Smart Scales of 2023

Smart scales have evolved a lot in recent years, and they have also been falling in price, so today you can have a professional quality smart digital scale at home at a very affordable price.

On the other hand, the entry of new brands in this market has led to the appearance of low-quality and unreliable models. In this analysis, we will see only the most reliable and best-valued models on the market.

1. Withings Body Cardio smart scale

If you are looking for the best smart scale and you do not have budget problems, this may be your best option, a model that even measures cardiovascular health.

best smart scales

The Writings Body cardio is one of the most advanced smart scales on the market, capable of measuring weight, body composition, heart rate and arterial stiffness, and processing it all to provide complete information on your metabolic and cardiovascular health status.

This advanced scale incorporates position sensors that tell you if you are placing your feet correctly on the surface, and a gravity compensation system, which prevents erroneous measurements when the ground is not completely straight.

It has Bluetooth and WIFI connectivity, so the data always reaches your smartphone and automatically recognizes up to 8 different users. It is also compatible with the Alexa smart speaker. Plus, your Health Mate app is compatible with Apple Health, Fitbit, Google Fit, and Samsung Health.

A scale that has it all, you can even forget about changing batteries, because it is rechargeable by USB and its battery lasts no less than 18 months.

2. OMRON VIVA: The best value for money smart scale

OMRON is a well-known Japanese brand whose name is synonymous with reliability. The OMRON VIVA is not just a smart scale, but a medical device with clinical validation.

The best value for money smart scale

The OMRON VIVA automatically recognizes 4 users (plus 1 guest) and accurately measures body weight and composition, including body fat, visceral fat, and muscle tissue.

It turns on automatically when you get on and performs the entire measurement process in 4 seconds, when finished it sends all the data via Bluetooth to your smartphone and turns it off by itself.

A smart scale for those who put reliability first, with a large LCD screen and touch buttons in the center that is very useful and accessible, but with the inconvenience that you can accidentally press them with your feet.

Finally, I would like to comment that its OMRON Connect application has been very interesting since it is compatible with Apple Health, Xiaomi MiFit, Samsung Health and Google Fit.

3. ETEKCITY smart scale

You get up, go to your scale to weigh yourself and…Batteries dead!

That will never happen to you with the ETEKCITY, a USB rechargeable scale and one of the most complete on the market.

It is a very precise scale, equipped with a conductive glass platform that avoids unsightly electrodes, with a larger size than usual, and that is always connected thanks to WIFI and Bluetooth.

Automatically recognizes up to 8 users and measures weight and body composition, sending everything instantly to the VeSync mobile app. In this regard, I must say that this app has areas for improvement, and it is not as intuitive and easy to use as other competing apps, the positive part is that it is compatible with Google Fit, Apple Health and Fitbit.

You can also forget about having to change batteries because it is rechargeable by USB.

4. RENPHO smart scale

A scale that stands out for its compatibility with multiple devices and its speed of synchronization.

The world moves fast, that’s why we can’t waste a minute more than necessary, the Renpho is a scale that connects with your mobile in 1 second and sends the data before you get off the scale.

A scale with which you will not have synchronization problems, and that is compatible with Google FIT, Sansung health, Apple health, Fitbit app, and Android and Apple phones, (although there are exceptions since it does not allow synchronization with Garmin connect, Xiaomi Myfit and MyfitnessPal)

The RENPHO scale measures your weight and body composition, and has a simple design, with a glass base that is very easy to clean, but there is something that I did not like, and that is that the footprints are very easily marked.

5. XIAOMI MI Body Composition Scale 2: The best cheap smart scale

The Xiaomi Scale 2 is a reliable, complete smart scale, and with a price that is hard to believe.

The best cheap smart scale

Xiaomi is entering the technological sector with such force that it is already rare not to find one of its devices in a ranking of the best, but what is the secret of its success? Well, offer high-end features at a price without competition.

For this reason, the Xiaomi smart scale is raising so many expectations, since it is hard to believe everything that this model offers for its price.

The Xiaomi gives you information on weight, body fat index, visceral mass, muscle mass, basal metabolism, bone analysis, and body water. All of this is easily visible on your screen or can be monitored through the MI FIT or Apple Health mobile app.

It is totally automatic, you get on it and it activates itself, it gives the information on the screen and sends it to your smartphone (as long as you have the Mi fit app activated). It also recognizes up to 16 users automatically and assigns their weight in the app.

There is no doubt, that what you are looking for is the best cheap smart scale, there are few that overshadow the Xiaomi Mi Composition Scale 2. It is reliable, the synchronization works well and it gives a lot of information; perhaps too much, since you can get lost among so much data that the app offers.

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What is a smart scale?

Scales have been with us for many years, the first models were analog, some models with a needle that moves mechanically and must be periodically adjusted to put it in place.

Then came digital models, bathroom scales equipped with a screen or display instead of the needle, and that worked with batteries.

Later, the measurement of body composition was added to the digital scales, and these were called “ bioimpedance scales ”.

Smart scales finally arrived, digital bioimpedance scales to which connectivity is added, and this has opened up a wide range of possibilities because the data obtained can be sent to an application, where they are analyzed and provide very valuable information for improvement. of body composition.

Although there are models without connectivity, the best bioimpedance scales already include connectivity, so there is little point in purposely looking for an offline model.

How is data queried on a smart scale?

how to query data on a smart scale
Smart scales incorporate a screen or display on the base and depending on the model, it gives more or less information.

But the most interesting thing about smart scales is that they transmit the data to an application that you can install on your smartphone to see everything better and more clearly.

In addition, these applications process the data and provide additional information, and offer it in a much more visual way than the display.

How long do the batteries last on a smart scale?

Well, it depends a lot on the scale model and how often you use your smart digital scale.

The normal thing is that the models that work with batteries last for months, although some smart scales that work with rechargeable batteries, with a duration of more than a year, are already beginning to appear.

The most important thing… What should you look for to choose the best smart scale?

Smart scales are no longer just a device to weigh you. They are now complex devices, and increasingly incorporating more advanced technologies, so choosing the best one is not so simple.

Let’s see some keys to not making a mistake in your choice.


Accurate smart scale
Undoubtedly the most important thing is if the scale is not accurate, it does not matter if it gives you a lot of data and statistics, because they will not help you at all.

Make sure that the scale has an accuracy of at least 100 gr, that is, that the weight jumps are 0.1 kg or less.


All smart scales have connectivity, but more advanced models may have multiple methods of transmitting data.

The most basic models transmit the data by Bluetooth, and for the last measurement to appear in the application it is necessary to have the smartphone nearby and with the Bluetooth activated at the time of the measurement, otherwise you will have to wait for the next measurement so that be synchronized.

The best thing is that the scale has Bluetooth and wifi, in this way you make sure that it will always be connected and the data of your last weighing will be in the application when you want to consult it. A Wi-Fi scale will transfer data even if it is offline at the time of measurement.


Beware of scales that are too cheap because they are usually made of plastic or metal that can rust.

Think that a scale is something that you will use for many years.


Smart scale platform
The size of the platform is usually around 30 × 30 centimeters, but there are somewhat larger models. The larger it is, the more comfortable it will be to use, but you will need a larger space to place it.

If the platform is made of glass, make sure it is tempered glass, a type of glass with a heat treatment that makes it much more resistant.

It is also convenient that the base material is anti-fingerprint because otherwise, you will end up tired of cleaning it. This is not usually specified, so it is convenient to look for information and user experiences on the model that interests you.

Finally, comment that aesthetics is also important, and it is likely that your new scale will be visible, so it is convenient to choose a color and appearance that does not clash with the rest of the nearby furniture.

Type of load

Most smart scales are battery-powered. With normal use they last for months, they also notify you when they have little battery left and it is very easy to change them.

In more advanced models, the batteries are replaced by a USB rechargeable battery, much more comfortable than changing batteries.


It may seem silly, but before buying your scale think about where you are going to place it. Ideally, weigh yourself daily or every few days, and you don’t want to have to pull the scale out of a closet every day to use it.

Take a look at the dimensions of the scale and find a place where you can place it without disturbing it.

LCD screen

Smart scale display
Does it seem logical to you to have to bend down to see the result every time you weigh yourself?

Well, I assure you that there are models that either have a bird’s-eye view, or you have to bend down to see the LCD, either because it is small or because it barely lights up.

Ideally, the screen should be as wide as possible and the digits should be large enough to be seen upright and without having to get close.

In some models, the screen is backlit, and this helps a lot to see it from a distance and in low light conditions.


Something that characterizes smart scales is the application that receives the data since that is where they are processed to offer much more detailed information.

The application should be intuitive and easy to use, and if possible compatible with other applications such as Google Fit, Apple Health, Fitbit, or Samsung Health, since in this way the weight and body composition data will be integrated with the physical activity data, and you will be able to take better global control of your lifestyle.

Memory and user management

Unless you live alone, it is very interesting that the smart body scale manages separate data from several users, since this allows you to customize the profile, depending on gender, age, level of physical activity and much more.

The scale (depending on the model) will use the data from each profile to provide very useful information on the state of health and its evolution.

In some models the user selection is carried out on the scale itself with a button, in others, you must assign the weight to the user in the application, and in the most advanced models, the scale itself automatically detects each user based on the weight and historical.

In the latter case, the scale may have doubts if there are two users with similar weights and it is necessary to confirm which of the two it corresponds to. This is done with a select button or on models like the Withings, by leaning to the right or left.

What you should keep in mind so that your new smart scale is as accurate as possible

  • The first thing you should keep in mind is that your weight can vary depending on your hydration conditions or the food you eat, among other factors, so you should always try to weigh yourself around the same time and under the same hydration and nutrition conditions. A good hour can be just getting up in the morning.
  • Configure your user profile, entering all the necessary data, such as age, gender, or physical activity profile, in this way, the body composition data will be more accurate.
  • Find a firm place without inclination to place your smart scale, keep in mind that there may be tiles higher than others, and this can falsify the weight measurement.
  • In smart scales, it is important that the surface is kept in good hygiene and clean conditions so that the bioimpedance works correctly.
  • Of course, step on the scale barefoot, and do not move or lean down during the measurement.
  • Do not dramatize if you get a measurement outside your plans, weigh yourself every day and take an average or observe the long-term evolution. You shouldn’t be obsessed.


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Why buy a smart scale?

Smart scales are the simplest and most practical way to keep track of the evolution of weight and body composition.
These scales send all the data obtained to an application and can be consulted in a simple and very visual way.

Are smart scales reliable?

The reliability of smart scales depends a lot on the model.
Any of the scales discussed in this article provides a fairly reliable measure of weight.
In the case of body composition analysis, it is somewhat more complex, since this measurement depends greatly on the physical conditions at the time of measurement, and this measurement can vary depending on the water or food ingested.

Is it dangerous to use a smart scale?

Body composition analysis is performed by applying a small current through the body. This may lead to safety concerns, but the reality is that this current is so small that it is totally harmless.
In any case, it is advisable to always consult a doctor or specialist if there is any doubt, such as people with pacemakers or pregnant women.

What is the best smart scale?

It depends on the budget you have and the use you are going to give it, but if you do not want to make a mistake when choosing the best smart scale, you should choose a model from recognized brands such as Omron, Withings, or Tanita. In this article, you can see the most recommended models of this year.

What is the LDL smart scale?

Lidl has a Silvercrest brand smart scale for sale, it has a memory for 12 users and measures weight and body composition, but I wouldn’t consider it smart, since it doesn’t have connectivity. Weight measurement is accurate, but body composition.

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