5 Low Impact Weights that Help Burn Arm and Leg fat

Check these alternatives if you are starting to exercise and do not know where to start.

If you are one of those who like to exercise at home or like to have your own tools and take them to the gym, you can not stop having weights. To begin, the ideal is to acquire low-impact ones that help you burn fat both in the arms and legs, and then tone up as you progress in your routines. Here we present 5 alternatives.

5 Best Low Impact Weights that Help Burn Arm and Leg fat

1.  AmazonBasics: 45-pound dumbbell

Heavy-duty weights contain a solid cast iron core and their ends are coated with a hexagon-shaped rubber. It weighs 45 pounds and is guaranteed for one year by AmazonBasics.

They are ideal for arms, chest, back, center and legs. Of reliable strength, they will not bend or break through its use. Thanks to its hexagonal shape at the ends, this weight will not roll when placed on the ground.

2. Yes4all: Set of 2 Dumbbells

They weigh 105 pounds, each side contains 52.5 pounds. They have a total of 12 plates each, made of cast iron with a chrome diamond handle.

The bars are adjustable, the plates are covered with black paint which prevents rust and corrosion for lifetime use. Its handle is textured high quality, non-slip and comfortable grip.

3. CAP Barbell: Neoprene Weights

 CAP Barbell: Neoprene Weights

They come in pairs and are covered with neoprene, have a hexagonal shape and are in different weights; 10, 8, 5, 3, and 2 pounds.

The material with which the weights are covered allows greater durability, and helps you tone and sculpt your arms, shoulders, and back.

4. RitFit: Pair of non-slip weights

.RitFit: Pair of non-slip weights low impact weight

Its coating is cast iron and neoprene, they have a hexagonal shape and come with weights from 1 pound to 20 pounds, distinguished by different colors.

Thanks to their coating they have a soft and excellent grip, they can be stacked without rolling due to their geometric shape. They are perfect for strengthening the muscles in the arms, shoulders, and back.

5. Yogu: Color code weights


These weights come with their color code, indicating at each end the weight in pounds. Its base is solid cast iron, in addition, it has a non-slip neoprene coating finish. With these weights, you can tone your body. They are built to guarantee their durability, hardness, and stability. Its coating is thick and provides a comfortable grip and does not require the use of gloves.

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